What is Sensual Massage

What is Sensual Massage?

How many of us have not a slightest idea of what a sensual massage actually is?
And those who think that sensual massage is aimed only to give your partner a sexual satisfaction are not quite right about it.

Let’s try and search deeper…

Sensual – means related to “senses”, the emotions that are intertwined with the feeling of the body.

Sensual massage – is a delicate affinity between two people that is expressed through the senses: vision, sense of smell, touching.
Where the key one is the touch – through it we are able to pass our energy to another person.
I’m sure you too can remember how not once but many times in your life the touch could be compared to the lightning suddenly running through you and one can only guess what we can experience when we are actually prepared to such interaction.

My strong believe is that a sensual massage must be considered as an expression of one’s emotional state, a part of self-discovery, release of energy and regaining of inner peace.
And to be able to reach all of that our actions cannot be viewed as having a sexual context only but are more like those that help to free the waves of our energy and balance our inner state.

Wise men of the East say that our body as a whole is a sensitive zone and that if we work on a specific spot we can evoke such feelings that are incredibly strong and vivid.

The massage movements are smooth, flowing, continuing and only once in a while become swift and teasing and that makes sensual massage tempting and lustful.
Your mind wonders away from the hardships of the day while your body is slowly charging with sensual energy and the longer the session lasts the more intense the release of it will be.

The experience can be even more powerful if the surroundings are also playing a big role in the whole process.
When the room is dimly lit with aroma candles and relaxing music soothes the atmosphere and the process is accompanied by a selection of aroma oils – you will feel as if you are far away in a beautiful land of dreams.

Massage will help you to forget your problems and stresses of the day and when it is a mutual one then the sensation will fill you up with a new energy.

You will find it healing and refreshing both for your body and soul and regular sessions will help to broaden sexual ability and brighten the experience, making orgasms even stronger.

Sensual massage can also improve your blood circulation, release your muscles tension and make you feel calmer and more centered.

The secret of sensual massage is that it needs to be mutual so the partners can learn more and bring each other to unknown levels of pleasure. It is important to let your partner know where his or her touch is most welcome and satisfying.

As you can see – sensual massage is both a method of healing and an erotic play at the same time.

Incredible sensation experienced during a session of a sensual massage cannot be compared to an ordinary sex at all, so let yourself dive into this divine world of sensuality.

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