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5.0 rating
24th July 2020

I have seen Julia twice it has been incredible And Julia is an amazing lady The way she moves her hands and her body it is truly amazing Seeing Julia twice she made me feel so relaxed in my self truly amazing there is Just no words Wonderful



5.0 rating
23rd April 2019

I have had the pleasure of sharing time with Julia several times over the last few months and I can think of nobody that I would rather spend an idyllic two hours with. She is a lovely lady, both on the inside and the outside, with a brilliant and welcoming smile. She has a wonderfully warm and sympathetic personality with an amazing understanding of all the sensuous pleasures that a naked, tantric massage can give. I have had all of my bodily senses enlivened, teased, refreshed and finally totally satisfied by her clever and loving use of touch. These intuitive manipulations make you intensely aware of every part of your body and take you to a blissful place where you can simply immerse yourself in her wonderful sensory world and luxuriate in the contentment that she creates in your whole being. However, the joyful benefits do not end there as the advantages of this relaxing and tactile experience remain with you long after the session has ended. I have hugely enjoyed the time that I have spent with Julia and have learnt so much from her that I would heartily recommend that you experience her delightful skills for yourself.


Remarkabl and beautiful

5.0 rating
21st April 2019

From the start to finish the experience was amazing the magical hands of Julia are that wandered all over my body and so on. Lovely Julia knows the exact and how to hit that spots and go behind with highly skilled and give an incredible session. I must thank you so much for your lovely body. I will return soon dear Julia xxx.



5.0 rating
22nd March 2019

I have had the pleasure of visiting Julia a few times over the last year and each time has been more amazing than the last. This time i opted to try the four handed massage and oh my!
This was my first 4handed massage and it did not disappoint, its was incredible.
From beginning to end the experience was amazing – from the lovely greeting, to making me feel totally at ease, to the magical hands that wandered all over my body. Julia and Valentina are such lovely ladies and know exactly how to hit that spot and go beyond.
Thank-you both .. i will be back, and i would highly recommend to anyone else.


Worth every penny

5.0 rating
16th March 2019

I had the privilege to receive a full 2hour session from this charming and delightful lady two weeks ago. She is highly skilled and gives an incredible session, building up the sensual experience in waves to an explosive climax. She is worth every penny and I strongly recommend the full two hours. Thank you Julia, I will be back again

Chris Laker

Always top class

5.0 rating
2nd January 2019

I have seen Julia several times, the last one being just before Xmas. Both the therapeutic and sensual sides to the massage are of the highest quality – always consistently fantastic. For a few days after the massage I feel physically an mentally refreshed – it really works. For those that want a sensual massage this is as good as it gets. Julia uses all her body and there is physical connection throughout the massage. Never rushes, delays the orgasm – so wonderfully sensual. Perfect



5.0 rating
7th December 2018

Proud to say that for the first time I spent time with the most beautiful lady. It was an amazing experience in my life. I highly recommend her to real gentlemen who would like to have a professional massage experience. I will visit this gorgeous lady again. Very soon for sure.


A wonderful experience

5.0 rating
15th September 2018

Spending time with Julia is a wonderful experience. Her touch is very intuitive and she is a very personable therapist. She is an excellent masseuse and is delightful to visit. I highly recommend her to anyone who is respectful to women and looking for a professional massage experience.



5.0 rating
18th June 2018

A session with Julia is an almost essential thing to do! I was quite stressed when I arrived, stuck in my head and with a lot of tension in my body. Julia gave me such a warm and friendly welcome I felt immediately comfortable. honestly the most amazing experience I’ve ever had you are a truly remarkable and beautiful woman and without doubt you have the touch of an angel



5.0 rating
14th June 2018

I’ve been a few times to visit Julia and it gets better every time. She has an amazing connection on such a deep level that’s impossible to describe! She’s sweet, welcoming, never harried,and has not just the softest gentlest touch, but also the softest, kind, personality. Truly, the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Julia is an angel every way!