For Him

For Him


No matter how tough and stressful was your day I promise – you will be reborn after a session of one of my treatments if only you allow yourself to indulge your body as it truly deserves.

On this page, you can find a detailed description of every type of massage and the price for a session.

I can offer the following treatments and you can choose from the list below any option that your heart desires.

I would very much appreciate if you could book sessions at least 24 hours in advance. Please be on time or notify me of any delay, making sure in any case it is not more than 15 minutes.

The time for treatment does not include time spent on conversations, shower time before and after a massage session and I would like you to know this and be sure that there will be no rush. We will always have time to carefully discuss your desires and preferences.

The actual time of the session begins from the moment you laid down on the massage table and my hands gently touch your skin.


This is a traditional option for sensual whole body massage which also includes a mixture of classical and sensual massage but is a longer, more fulfilling version, that makes you feel as if you are carried away by the waves of delight and passion. My hands will fill you with vibrating energy and shower your senses with passion and lust, bringing you to a new level of ecstasy and pleasure.

1 hr |  £220.00

after 7pm | £270


Waves of eternal bliss will cover your body, wrap you sensual aroma and carry you away from pressure and business of the world around you. Every part of your body will sing with new energy, making you feel you are soaring the starry sky, or diving into the deep of the ocean of pleasure and harmony and opening a new world of sensation and lust.

During this 90 minute session you will be offered 30 minutes of therapeutic massage and 30 minutes of body to body session followed by 30 minutes of lingam massage. 

1 hr 30 min |  £280.00

after 7pm | £330


The most intense version of sensual massage. It works best for those who choose to experience the highest level of pleasure.

Touch, whisper, embrace... Gasping, gripping, holding and coming back to the surface of reality. Gliding and dancing like flames of fire warming you up, melting your senses, carrying you away and remodelling you, making feel life in full and overcome all the borders that stop you from being free. Tenderness and passion, serenity and lust, touch and feeling - surrounding, engulfing, nourishing and reviving your body, making you the king of the world.

Two hours of this session include not only classical and sensual massage but is spiced up with personal piquant add-ons created by your fantasy.

We can have a mutual massage experience as well, if you wish to can share your pleasure with me.

2 hr | £380.00

after 7pm | £430

Royal (4-hands)NEW

Indulge yourself in perfect harmony of sensual four-hand massage. Me and my colleague Valentina will help you immerse yourself in a sea of gentle touches, feeling the waves of pleasure engulfing your body. You will experience the paradise on earth, not less!

With this treatment, you get maximum attention from two ladies at the same time. Slow, as if never-ending stroking of delicate fingers carefully kneads tense areas, immersing you in a state close to a light trance. Smooth motion of two pairs of delicate hands is replaced by caressing of the body full of longing and lust expressed through touching of full breasts, curvy bodies slipping over your skin.

You will be able to feast your eyes watching two beautiful naked bodies and trying new ways of exploring your own desires…

Bit by bit, every touch, every caress will drive you to the edge of the sensation which you cannot but succumb to.

This treatment will become a great experience of emotional and sensual moments to keep and cherish the feeling of being reborn and get back to both in your thoughts and in real life if you wish to relive those moments once again.

1 hr | £440.00

90 min | £540.00

2 hr | £640.00

Prior to massage session

Prior to each massage session I always discuss with you what type of massage you would prefer right at this moment, and after our conversation I will offer you a warm, relaxing and refreshing shower. It will help to wash away the stress of the day and to relax your tensed muscles.

Then you will enter the massage room which is also warm and ready for the session of relaxation: the candles are lit and their calm, dancing lights together with a beautiful and sweet melody create that special atmosphere.

In the middle of the room there is a massage table, covered in crispy clean sheets. Its warmth is alluring and you cannot help but lie down and melt into the sensations.
I will cover you with a feather-light and cozy blanket and the magic begins…

The magic begins…

As soon as my hands gently touch your body, you will be carried away and lose track of time.
First, I will help you to relax and calm down with my light strokes, I will touch you with soft fabrics and my light breath will ease your muscles from the weight of the day.
We will breath in and breath out in harmony and then I will start warming up your body with aroma oil.

Men’s relaxation begins from the toes and goes up, and being aware of that I will start massaging your feet, softly and yet firmly pressing and working on each toe, then I will slowly move up bit by bit and will end up massaging your neck and head. I promise even the smallest particle of your body will get my attention.

Only when your muscles are fully warmed up and prepared I then switch to a more sensual touching and caressing.

My strokes become gentler as if a playful kitten lightly dances with its velvet paws on your sensitive skin. 

Then my breasts join my hands, my lips cannot wait to touch your skin and in a blink of an eye my whole aroused body participates in this beautiful sensation and it will slide up and down yours, guiding you through the waves of pleasure and relaxation.

I will change strength and speed of my touch – will caress every part of your body to wake up your sensuality and lead you to the highest peaks of pleasure and the sensation you’ve never experienced before.

This duo of therapeutic and sensual massage will definitely touch you deeply and you will be fascinated by its magical effect.

After the session, you will feel unforgettable lightness not only in your body but in your soul too.

At the end of the treatment you will be able to stay in privacy to feel deeper the effect of complete calmness and satisfaction which will stay with you for hours after.

After the massage, you can have another warm shower and then I will offer you a glass of refreshing water and we will say our good-bye. It is never a farewell and you are always welcome to visit me again.


Variety of sensations

We can have a variety of sensations by adding mutual caressing.
I hope you also believe that during sexual massage the pleasure is shared by both – man and woman.
I love gentle touching, kissing and tons of emotions from a light massage.

Prostate massage

This one gives not only unforgettable extra sensation but is also important for a man’s health.
My skilful fingers and aroma oils can make this treatment one of your favourites.

For extra service, there is no extra fee taken.

However, sex with penetration is not included and not provided. I hope you will understand me and, being a gentleman, you will not attempt to cross the line. Our session will be immediately terminated and no further bookings considered.

I will be happy to see you every day from 10am to 7pm.

£50.00 to be added to the cost of any evening session starting after 7:00 pm.

With love and respect,