For Her

For Her

Here, I’d like to present to you a unique treatment – a relaxing and sensual massage with a healing effect.

It will help you to leave behind all your troubles and step into the world of eternal pleasure - world full of tenderness, beauty and incredible aroma. 

Cosy and dimly lit room will make you feel safe and confortable and a beautiful melody will carry you away on the waves of pleasure.

With gentle touches of my tender hands I will help you to unveil your own sexual energy. 

The magic will begin with feather-like strokes, barely noticeable vibration and light rubbing of your whole body, relaxing every tension and tightness in your muscles.

I use only the best aroma oils, which will make your skin sleek and smooth allowing me to bring you to a completely new level of sensual experience. 

Your body will feel my full attention, as I will be caressing every inch of it starting from toes and slowly moving up, covering your legs, hips, caressing your breast, relaxing your shoulders…

Through the whole, long lasting treatment you will feel how I will be carefully leading you to a new level of pleasure, finding well hidden pools of desire, helping it to burn brighter and finally engulf all of your existence and make you feel reborn.

Then I will help this new pure energy to evenly settle in your body and later I will cover you with a soft, warm blanket and let you stay in the moment for some time.

After the treatment you can have a refreshing shower and I will treat you with a cup of tea and fresh fruits.

For you this treatment will be not only a unique experience but also an effective way of leaving all the stress and tension of your daily life behind.

Make this gift to yourself. You deserve only the best. 

1 hr | £220.00

1.5 hr | £280.00

2 hr | £380.00

With love and respect,