For Couples

For Couples

Make a gift to yourself and your partner – unique and explicit experience of sensual indulgence, let yourself melt in the flames of ecstasy finding a new way of feeling your whole existence.

This luxurious treatment will allow your body and mind take a step beyond everything you’ve experienced before and evoke the energy that’s been sleeping in you for so long to reveal the source of an endless harmony soothingly reaching every tiny bit of your body, revitalizing it and healing all the tension that’s built up during all that time you’ve been running away from your secret desires. 

It really doesn’t matter for how long you have been together with your partner – this experience is equally perfect for both of you. All that matters is that you go through this fantastic adventure together and it will help you to become even closer, you will learn how to trust each other on a completely different level. 

If you both are looking for an inspiration and discovery of new ways to express your sexual fantasies then Tantra Massage for couples will be exactly that perfect treat.

Before we start, we will discuss what you would like to experience, your expectations and here you can address all your questions to me so I could dispel your doubts and give you the reassurance you might need.

After that, together with your partner you will have a shower, which itself will be a prelude to a magical story that is about to unveil.

I will start the treatment with relaxing massage – very tender and light which will help you to tune into the mood of sensual floating in the ocean of desire, forget all the troubles and leave the real world behind the closed doors of the cosy room where the treatment will take place. 

I will then begin caressing you with a feather and light touching of soft fluffy furskin, to be followed by a proper whole body massage with the use of aroma oils and I will reach to every spot of your body to give you all the pleasure you want to experience. You both will get my attention and each of you will be able to not only live through your own erotic fantasies but to watch your partner’s ecstasy, while somebody else is caressing them and seeing this will make your own experience even more intense. 

The Apogee of this treatment will be an exciting Lingam massage and a very tender Yoni massage (the latter can be done together with your partner if you wish to). These types of massage will guide your inner energy to make the feeling of the sexual arousal in your whole body even more intense. 

Those of you who have had a pleasure of being together for many years would have an opportunity to discover something new in each other and rekindle the passion that once brought you together. Just bear in mind that the enthusiasm for this experience needs to be equally shared between two of you.

90min |  £440.00

2h |  £540.00

With love and respect,