Most Asked Questions

How do I find you?

My place is located in a quiet area and yet almost in the heart of London. It's easy to get to via Piccadilly, Circle and District lines and it’s is only 5 minutes of walk from Earl’s Court Underground Station.

The exact address will be provided only after the booking is confirmed.


Do I need to make a booking in advance?

Yes, it is necessary to make a booking and preferably one day in advance.


How do I make a booking?

You can call me on my mobile 07757723988 or send an email to JuliaF.90@yahoo.com
You can also fill in a Booking Form


How do I pay for the treatment?

If this is your first booking of my services then I would ask you to kindly make a pre-payment of £50 of the session price to my bank account. This will help us both to reserve time and make sure there are no double-bookings. The rest of the amount can be paid in cash prior to the start of the treatment.

I would also very much appreciate if the exact money is paid.


Is there a chance for a discount?

I normally do not give a discount for one session but there is a range of treatments and prices so you would be able to pick what is most suitable for you.

However, if you would like to book five or more sessions ahead then a 10% discount is offered.


From what moment the actual time of the session is normally counted?

The beginning of the session commences from the moment you make yourself comfortable on the massage table and my hands touch your body.

Our communication prior and after the session, as well as the time spent in shower, are not counted.


What if I am shy and this is my first sensual massage experience?

Please, rest assured your visit will be absolutely confidential.

When you enter my apartment, you will be surrounded by comforting, warm and relaxing atmosphere. We will talk a little and you will be able to understand whether my service is what you are looking for.

In case you are not sure what type of massage you would prefer I will help you to choose most suitable treatment and help you to feel relaxed and secure.


Would I be able to use sex toys during the session?

If you feel comfortable with the idea and toys can help you to feel extra sensation, then you are welcome to bring them along.

Please, bear in mind I do not provide sex toys for reasons of hygiene.


Do you provide any type of domination services?

Sorry but I do not provide that kind of services. No domination of any type: no giving and no receiving.


Is sex included into the session?

No, sex is not included and not provided and I would very much appreciate if you respect my privacy and would not make any attempt. Otherwise our session will be immediately terminated and no further bookings considered.


Is smoking allowed at your place?

Unfortunately, that will not be possible. Any type of smoking is prohibited at my place.


Will it be possible to have a sensual massage session if I am under the influence of drink or drugs?

This is not recommended or advised. Please bear in mind that no treatment will be provided if you are drunk or high and any payment will be forfeited. I would very much appreciate it if this is respected.


Are you independent?

Yes, I am an independent masseur.

What are your working hours?

My working hours are from 10 am till 8 pm where 8pm it is the latest booking time I can offer.

Your respect and understanding are very much appreciated.

Is that you in the website photos?

Yes,it is me.