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20 Feb 2018

Lingam Massage

In a broad sense, the concept of “lingam” means a pure all-pervading consciousness and creative renewal of life, but the literal translation of a word is a sign, symbol, phallus.  In tantric practices, masculine energy is like a lingam and manifests itself as a pillar of light that penetrates a woman, connecting a pair into a single whole. The health of the phallus is very important because the quality and longevity of the erection and the intense level of the […]

15 Feb 2018

What is Sensual Massage

What is Sensual Massage? How many of us have not a slightest idea of what a sensual massage actually is? And those who think that sensual massage is aimed only to give your partner a sexual satisfaction are not quite right about it. Let’s try and search deeper… Sensual – means related to “senses”, the emotions that are intertwined with the feeling of the body. Sensual massage – is a delicate affinity between two people that is expressed through the […]