Please read and accept the following in order to proceed with the booking: 
1.    Choose the type of treatment from the list;
2.    Make your booking at least 24 hrs in advance clearly stating preferred date and time;
3.    By accepting this Ts&Cs you confirm that you don’t have any health conditions from the following list: heart problems, STDs, fungous disease;
4.    You agree to taking a shower prior to a session; in cases of unpleasant/ strong odour I reserve the right not to proceed and the pre-paid deposit won’t be refunded;
5.    The booking will be cancelled if you turn up under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants; the pre-paid deposit won’t be refunded;
6.    If you are running late, please notify me in advance and be aware that the session will be reduced accordingly, and the full payment will be requested; 
7.    If the booking is cancelled less than in 12 hrs, the deposit will not be refunded;
8.    During the session you are not permitted to touch the specialist without requesting prior permission; all inappropriate requests are prohibited; 
9.    Any form of sexual intercourse is NOT included into the service;
10. No personal questions will be answered; 
11. A deposit of £50 is paid via a bank transfer; the rest of the amount is paid prior to a session either in cash or via bank transfer;
12. Upon receipt of the booking request you will be contacted for further details and confirmation;
13. The address details will be provided upon receipt of the deposit.
To book an appointment or make an enquiry please fill in the form below. I will respond within 24 hrs.