About Sensual Massage

Welcome you in my world of pleasure and relaxation

“Everyone knows that sexual experience can be a single most loving, most powerful, most renewing, most energizing, most intimate and most uniting physical experience of which humans are capable.”

Neale Donald Walsch

Everyone knows that the sexual experience can be the single most loving, most exciting, most powerful, most exhilarating, most renewing, most energizing, most affirming, most intimate, most uniting, most re-creative physical experience of which humans are capable.

Neale Donald Walsch

Hello, I'm Julia and I welcome you into my own, independent world of pleasure and relaxation.

If you dream of reaching serenity of mind and soul and filling up with energy to carry you through for days and days, or maybe just having a moment of relaxation in beautiful surroundings then my place is for you, Gentlemen, and I welcome you into my home to experience a session of unforgettable sensual massage.

My apartment is located in the heart of Central London, next to a quiet garden and only five minutes’ walk from Earls Court station.

I will be beautifully dressed and will greet you with a sweet and lovely smile. You will feel as a very precious guest for whom I have been waiting for passionately.

We will sit in a cosy, warm living room, and, while having a cup of tea or coffee, we will chat and have a chance to learn more about each other, about our secret and cherished desires and fantasies.

We all sometimes yearn to feel a tender touch, and my sensual massage recognises is that deep ocean of feelings through touching so tender and full of love.

My highest level of professionalism, and the warm touch of my delicate and yet strong hands, will help to dissipate all the tiredness and stress from your body and let you fully relax.

I combine different techniques of therapeutic, sensual and tantric massage. With a choice of your favourite aroma oil, I will create an unforgettable atmosphere, the memory of which will stay with you and will bring a smile to your eyes, making you wish to come back for more.

I can confidently say that my style of massage is unique and authentic. I, myself, find pleasure in every sensual touch I share with you. In a slow and caressing way, it feels as if we are melting in the flames of delight and overwhelming pleasure.

I love what I do with all my soul and that is why it is so important and so easy for me to carry you away into the world of bliss and incredible sensations.

Every guest is special to me. No matter if you appear at my door step as a patron or as the one who just found this website and curious to find out whether all that I say here is really true, I promise - you will be absolutely satisfied and feel you are the only one, you are unique and important to me...

I cannot wait to welcome you into my home – the world of divine pleasure and content.

With love,