About Me

About Me

A few words about me…

It is in my nature to be so very much a woman – sensitive and tender, yet also gifted with a strong and vivid sensual energy which I love sharing generously with you.

I was born and grew up in a beautiful town by the southern sea and maybe that is why I am so affectionate and caressing like a summer sun that gently kisses azure waves whispering their stories under the endless sky.

I’ve been living in London for more than ten years now and I adore this city with the same passion which I always had for the place where I am from.
Here I have started my career as a professional masseuse and at the same time discovered the world of sensual massage.
I am qualified in therapeutic massage and have worked for several years in some of the best spa centres of London as a professional therapist.

I am and always will be so grateful to my colleagues and teachers from Russia, Ukraine and Baltics, among the best in this field. But I always had a hunger for new knowledge and techniques, and so went further and graduated from the school of sexuality where we studied sexuality as an art, devouring secret knowledge of ancient East.

That brought me to an absolutely new level of creativity and self-expression through touch and it also has broadened my ability to give more and at the same time enjoy the way my soul can talk through the dance of my body and hands.

It was then that I met a gorgeous woman Serena and was lucky to work with her in a tandem of professional sensual masseuses. Her name is Serena and to her I was one of the inspiring angels. Two unforgettable years have passed in absolute enjoyment of our creative work with four hands giving pleasure and bliss to men.
Serena has shared with me some secret keys of sensual massage and gave me her blessing to start and work on my own and do it my own special way.

And so now I am an experienced and professional masseuse with vast and unique knowledge and I would love to share my natural sensuality with you.

Combining elements of classical therapeutic, sensual and tantric massage in the process, I prefer not to spend much time on conversation but completely melt in the moment of giving pleasure to my guest.

Julia is truly very special. She's not just beautiful and sexy but she's also got a good sense of humour and is sensitive to your needs and wants. Speaking here from some experience (!) I would say I had the most ecstatic time with and from her than I can ever remember. I had the gold service, twice ... in the space of just a few days and each time was different and equally satisfying. I only wish I had been in London for longer ... Truly a unique find ...

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