Lingam Massage

In a broad sense, the concept of “lingam” means a pure all-pervading consciousness and creative renewal of life, but the literal translation of a word is a sign, symbol, phallus. 

In tantric practices, masculine energy is like a lingam and manifests itself as a pillar of light that penetrates a woman, connecting a pair into a single whole.

The health of the phallus is very important because the quality and longevity of the erection and the intense level of the orgasm and the health of other organs depend on it.  Therefore, the health of lingam can and should be supported by massage and exercise. 

There is a large number of points on the phallus that are directly connected with all organs and massaging those could improve the whole organism.


You can do self-massage, massaging all points, stretching the testicles and perineum, as well as simply doing squats. 

All though this may sound too simple, but men’s health depends on regularity of such exercises. 

You can easily learn this yourself or trust the professional. 

My tender hands will satiate the entire lingam with energy and with a gentle touch will “awake” testicles and perineum. 

Regular treatments will help to ease the tension through soft, careful touching and massaging of the anus and prostate, which eventually will unblock the energy and let it flow freely.  

Lingam massage can also help to let go of your pointless fears and excessive focus on this area, allowing you to experience fantastic way of relaxation without any effort from your end. You can simply observe the process and accept everything that your body is experiencing, opening up to new waves of energy, feeling how your body vibrates with it and becomes healthier. 


Then, over time, not only lingam, but also each cell of your body can become more sensitive and responding. Lingam massage is always a good investment in your own health for years to come.

Soft fluid energy fills you up, it does not stagnate, as it normally does during usual sexual experience, it starts circulating. Your body will remember the sensation – the energy flowing freely, giving you the pleasure of natural relaxation. 

Regular lingam massage is also an excellent preventive practice for prostatitis and inspires a man to leave a more active life. 


However, remember that lingam massage has certain restrictions (the same way as does the traditional massage): diseases in acute or severe form, chronic diseases in the acute stage, bleeding, heart failure, skin diseases (if necessary, consult with your doctor). 

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