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Valentina massage

Let me introduce my friend Valentina – a very caring, easy going and open-minded professional, who is always ready to make you feel special and provide you with the best sensual massage treatment.

Her relaxing and gentle massage session will help you to ease tension from your muscles, reduce the stress of your daily life and restore your sensual energy. Her gentle hands will stimulate your inner sexual energy, rejuvenate and revive your whole body.

It won’t take long till you feel totally relaxed and give into the blissful sensation.

Let her take care of your body, and make your deepest sensual fantasies and desires come true.

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Do you have a desire to sink into a Devine sensation, experience a feeling that is out of this world and to lose yourself in pleasure of touch?

My friend Emma is a Professional Tantric and Relaxation Masseuse. Emma’s touch will take you to a world of unforgettable pleasure physically and emotionally. Emma's kindness and affection will be ever so evident from the first moment you meet her. She will no doubt make you forget all the worries of the world with her charm and beauty. This time is only for you with Emma.

Her skill full touches will make you experience sensations you have never imagined or dreamed of before.

45 min | £160
60min |  £200
90 min | £250
120min | £350

Dinner with Emma (3 hours) |  £180

Emma  is also doing 4 hands massage with Julia.

Out call-in central London minimum booking one hour plus taxi fees.

+44 (0) 7757-723-988



Curious? Want to try something different?

Have you ever thought of giving total control over your body to someone else?

I am a professional massage therapist with over 8 years of practical knowledge in the field of sensual massage and I offer a combination of various techniques, which will allow you to experience a sensation you would want to last forever.

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Man Offer

Who would like to have a taste of female domination.It combines strong deep tissue massage with a gentle sensual touch and a sensory play, which together with a careful peak control will leave you wanting more.

During a 90min treatment you will experience 30min of therapeutic/deep tissue massage, 30min of sensual massage (no body to body) and 30min of lingam massage, but only if you are a good boy and you deserve it.

Do you dare?

1.5hour – £250

Prostate massage extra fee £50 (performed in gloves)

During massage I will keep my underwear on and no body to body will be performed. I will use my hands only; massage oil, special lubricants and BDSM equipment could be used upon request. All the boundaries and special requests will be discussed before the session

Be a good boy, obey and enjoy your experience.

Woman Offer

Are you looking for a new sensual experience, do you love a long foreplay, or miss a gentle and caring touch? You can find it all and more during an incredible experience with Paulina.

Every session will start with a lovely chat over a tea, coffee, or a glass of wine to help you choose the perfect treatment that will meet your expectations. We will go through your preferences and set the boundaries to help you feel relaxed and confident in your safety to be able to reach the satisfaction you came for.


It’s an option for those who want to begin their sensual massage journey. It’s a combination of gentle, sensual strokes mixed with therapeutic massage. This massage does not include touching intimate parts of the body.

1h - £180
1,5h - £220
2h - £300


It’s an option that includes massage of intimate areas of the body: breasts and Yoni massage (meaning ‘vaginal massage’). This treatment includes different techniques allowing you to relax and let all the tension in your muscles disappear.

During this massage you might experience an orgasm but it’s not the aim as such, the purpose of this technique is to reduce cramps during your menstrual cycle, help with tuning down painful sensations during sex and improving sex life overall by way of helping your body heal.

1h - £200
1,5h - £250
2h - £330


This is an all-inclusive, tailor-made option designed especially for you.

This massage is all about your deepest desires: starting with a long foreplay with a soft touching, and taking you on a journey through erotic techniques, lasting up to a point when you have all your fantasies fulfilled.

Together we can create a unique scenario that will make you feel safe and relaxed. You choose what will be included in this option: body kissing, caressing, body to body massage, yoni massage, anal stimulation, restriction play, sensory play, bondage, orgasm denial, sex toys, female ejaculation.

1h - £250
1,5h - £300
2h - £350

Do you prefer your therapist to be naked or keep her underwear on? Would you like to touch the masseuse during the session or even have a mutual massage experience? Or maybe you don’t want to participate at all? All of that is absolutely fine.

Just relax and let me spoil you.

Please, keep that in mind that this is your time and all that matters is your happiness, your comfort, and your pleasure. Feel free to express your needs and don’t forget about self-love. I’m here to please you and fulfil your deepest desires.