Sensual Massage Therapy

Dear Gentlemen,

just to let you know

I will be away from 27.01.2020 till 31.01.2020

My dear friend Valentina will be instead of me




I would like to introduce to you further adjustments to my schedule and payment arrangements.

From now and going forward an extra £50.00 to be added to the cost of any evening session starting after 8:00 pm.

On another note, there will be no booking available from 11th October till 17th October.

Usual schedule will resume Friday, 18th October.

Please, plan your visit accordingly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

A moment of peace and serenity is here whenever we are ready to let it into our
life. All we have to do is just bring down our walls and let ourselves float on the
waves of calmness and relaxation, letting the magic of senses and scents create
a new world where we can revive and be awaken to a miraculous feeling of
being centred and full of energy, ready to embrace every moment of a new day.
I am… and I have a vast experience in the world of Spa and Beauty and my
strongest believe is when you care about your body and let it enjoy a moment of
touch, give it a chance to open up to a new sensation and be carried away to a
completely different level of existence, then the happiness within your heart
unfolds and you are reborn, full of energy and ready to fulfil anything that you
have always wanted.

There are many ways of finding that unique feeling of presence in this very moment
and in my pursuit of learning the best practices I’ve discovered and developed
my own style which I will gladly share with you.
Whether you’re in search of a tantric massage or just a sensual one or
maybe you’re looking for a new ways for your body to let go of stress
then my erotic massage and “body-to-body” experience would be the best choice
to make you feel content and fully revived.
Whenever you’re ready to let yourself enter this new world of sensuality
I will be here waiting for you and I will lead you to the highest peaks of your existence.

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